Lore, Folk, and Song - The Sound of Facebook - 2010

In the following page I attempt to discover how people around the world are using the largest social media website, Facebook, as subject in song. In this collection I pull videos from YouTube users of many cultures and nationalities who are preforming songs which deal with Facebook - in doing this, I find points of continuity which will be addressed bellow. If you know of any more videos, particularly those from Asian countries, please email me at r@internetarchaeology.org. Thanx!

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Gergana - Facebook (Official Video) 2010


Ismail YK - Cilgin / Facebook 2010 (Official Video Klip)

This is a remix of the song above.


Zajmina Vasjari - Facebook


Milan Stanković - Fejs (Face) [HQ]
Maybe the most popular Eastern European song directly dealing with Social Networking, with over 2 million YouTube views.


Nejfake - Český Facebook song - Official Videoklip HD




Bangs - 'Meet Me On Facebook' Exclusive - [OFFICIAL VIDEO]




Faccia da Facebook

Roby Pinna vs TJ Fastor - See Your Face (on my Book)


Facebook Love - King Raj, The Supertones Band


Esteman - No te metas a mi facebook (oficial)
Translates loosely as "don't mess with my Facebook". Possibly the most popular Spanish speaking song with Facebook as the subeject, with over 5.5 Million views.


retosfritos - Facebook Reggaeton




El Facebook - Chino & Nacho
From a very Popular Reggaeton Duo.


Facebook the Song (greek) - Apollon Producer

Efi Thodi - Se gnorisa sto Facebook


Bel Air Deejayz - Tu Fesses B'Hook




Facebook Song - Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre


Rhett & Link - Facebook Song
The most popular song on YouTube which deals with Facebook, at almost 7 million views.

Facebook Girl

A Facebook Love Song (original)

Facebook Love: Live at 608

Facebook love Affair - Mr. King

Fedarro - Facebook Love

Wall to Wall: The Facebook Song
"Facebook's made for stalking", These Boots Are Made For Walkin remix

The Rembrandts - I'll Be There For You Remix

The Facebook Song

Facebook Stalkin' by IU's Straight No Chaser

Why Don't You Leave Me Alone? A Facebook Song


Mr. Creepy Facebook Stalker Guy

2005 Miami U. Cheezies a cappella: Facebook Song

Vince Dyer’s Facebook.com Song

Facebook Gangsta

Facebook Anthem

Several conjoining themes can be found in these videos.. There’s the Facebook love affair - exemplified by Bangs - 'Meet Me On Facebook', Ismail YK - Cilgin / Facebook 2010 (Official Video Klip), ESSENCE FT JAY WON "FACEBOOK LOVE", Facebook love Affair - Mr. King, and Fedarro - Facebook Love. T.. These songs are from people around the world, yet none of them seem too um.. shall I say suburban... they seem to be in a slower tempo and R&B sort of style.. they seem sincere.. as they speak to love within modernity. “A Facebook Love Song (original)”, also shares these characteristics, but is played by a white, maybe more suburban girl on a ukulele in sort of an Anti-Folk style.. one might wonder about the level of sincerity in this song. Or maybe that whole Moldy Peaches style is like no longer rooted in irony and speaks only to the sentimentality and sincerity of movies like Juno. Moving on, the Bulgarian song, Facebook, by Gergana is probably my favorite song out of the bunch. It seems to have sexy overtones, possibly is about making sexy relationships on Facebook, it seems to be totally embracing Facebook, and considering its ability to empower.. as the Albanian artist Zajmina Vasjari seems to do in her song, Facebook. Popular Serbian singer, Milan Stanković’s song, Fejs (Face), also shares these characteristics.. as it portrays Facebook in a sexy light, dealing with how its used in relationships.. Yet this song seems to be weary of Facebook’s power.. with lyrics translating to "Come on, get off of Face(book) Avoid Myspace Because a relationship over the net dangerously disturbs me Walk to me, enjoy in person (live) You follow all the trends You add friends on your profile All kinds of characters All suspicious types".... I can't find any translations of the Facebook songs by Greek artists, Facebook the Song (greek) - Apollon Producer and Efi Thodi - Se gnorisa sto Facebook.. yet judging from the videos these songs seem sort of upbeat and also to be embracing Facebook in someway. The Italian song, Faccia da Facebook, definitely touches on the Big Brother aspects of Facebook.. warning that Facebook is making us into cattle. And then there is humor.. all sorts of joke songs about Facebook.. Why are some cultures totally into embracing Facebook and others, like my own, seem to be ashamed of it? Nearly all Facebook related songs from the USA seem to be jokes in one way or another. There are a slew of sort of "Jizz in My Pants" style Facebook related joke raps.. such as Facebook Love: Live at 608 and Facebook Gangsta. Then there are the acoustic songs, which seem to be satire in the fact that they are using a sincere style to in describing the possibly "creepy", "stalker" and "waste of time" aspects of Facebook. All together, songs from the USA dealing with Facebook are really lame to me, and not funny. Maybe because they are too close to home? Maybe its because describing the downfalls of Facebook seems like a moot point? I'm not certain, but I hope the rest of the world continues to use Facebook and make songs about it.. just is more honest and interesting to me.