1. When I speak, my words precipitate into a bubble floating under another,
    That is how we talk.

  2. You are a fragile glass flower from another world,
    you dont breathe my air,
    drink my water,
    consume the grounds bounty,
    yet you are my light when I am lost,
    you are my connection when I'm lonely -
    through you I can see the entire world,
    through you I can feel the words I cannot speak,
    through you I can give myself to others
    and because of you I am now complete.

  3. You can be a game,
    Sometimes you are work,
    Always you are mine -
    This note that I took

  4. If i shower with you, I won't be able to touch you,
    my finger tips would have no baring,
    your sensors would not receive my tender touch,
    if I took you in the shower you might die,
    and if you died I'd be lost without a map.
    Yet I'm not scared if it's drizzling out and a drop hits your face.

  5. You have a face that's so crisp.
    Clear, sleek and crisp
    You have a hole that's so slender.
    Tight, warm and slender
    You have a button which I push,
    I push to go home,
    And you push my boundaries
    Of what is and isn't a phone.

  6. I never want to be without you.

  7. People want you safe,
    Encasing you in rubber.
    Keeping you incased,
    Ensuring you won't plunder.
    Yet you live in this world
    Fragile, and exposed
    You are my girl,
    I'll upgrade then dispose.

  8. Bugs bugs bugs
    Get between us and our love
    The sun sun sun
    Gets between you and your function,,
    I got you so hot,, you warn me to stop
    I wait for you to cool,
    And then we're back to abuse

  9. When u awake me
    I'm awoken by your alarm
    A faux fallout shelter sound
    Or maybe a war song
    A series of wales
    A parade of beeps
    A flurry of annoyance
    I planned it just for me.

  10. When I'm out and I'm thought of
    You rattle my pants
    When I'm needed and beckoned
    You rattle my pants
    Even if I don't want it
    You rattle my pants
    You rattle my pants
    You rattle my pants

  11. Why must you take a violent swipe to open up