200 Obvious Ideas

Ryder Ripps, April 2014

  1. Coffee table in the shape of an alien head
  2. Art show of bongs that are painted white or various iridescent colors
  3. A Painting of a giant usb symbol
  4. Abstract paintings mimicking Rothko but on an ipad
  5. Using a monitor stand as an easel
  6. Taking black and white portraits of party photographers
  7. Taking drugs at a stripclub and then writing a blog post about it
  8. Salt and pepper shakers made out of resin in the shape of ghosts
  9. Casting a tangle of cables in clear resin
  10. A webcam based sex website for arty girls in brooklyn
  11. A real estate agency in bushwick called "liminal spaces"
  12. A cafe slash co working space called outlet
  13. Making a sportswear line with various bank logos and stock photos of landscapes and selling it at vfiles
  14. A baseball hat where each triangular panel is a slice of pizza
  15. A coffee table in the shape of pizza
  16. A little Caesars hat
  17. Pizza flipflops
  18. Pizza rims
  19. A t shirt that says i cant think of anything else thats a triangle besides pizza
  20. A band thats called tttttttaco
  21. Going on vacation in new mexico
  22. Making a body pillow that looks like john waters
  23. Making a body pillow that looks like john mccain
  24. Making art out of body pillows that look like john mccain
  25. Using john mccain body pillows as bean bags in your apartment
  26. an art show of denim bean bags with modest mouse playing in the background
  27. a 20 foot painting of the dell logo
  28. Painting a new macbook pro camouflage, including the screen then painting your entire body camouflage too to match
  29. performance art involving stedicams
  30. a go pro attached to ur head as u give head as performance art
  31. a selfie website
  32. an antiselfie website
  33. a selfie art show
  34. an antiselfie art show
  35. a antiselfie poem read at a lower east side gallery
  36. large beach towels with all over prints of justin bieber
  37. a large beach towel that says lifes a beach
  38. naming your first alt lit novel SPF 60
  39. talking about how cool sonny bono is drunk at the tender trap
  40. a custom gold name plate necklace that says Adolescence
  41. getting into astrology
  42. getting into astrological gifs
  43. getting into greek themed astrological gifs
  44. writing free wifi in a death metal font
  45. writing free wifi in neon
  46. writing free wifi out of rocks on a floor in a gallery
  47. naming your wifi network free wifi
  48. a shirt that says FREE WIFI with a nike swoosh and a picture of Rihanna
  49. paintings of anime characters crying
  50. paintings of hollywood movie stars as anime characters
  51. calling yourself an instagram curator and actually pursuing that line of work
  52. putting on the hackers soundtrack at a party
  53. playing candy shop at a party
  54. just getting into drum and bass
  55. just getting into happy hardcore
  56. just getting into indie rock ironically
  57. just getting into rap
  58. wearing fubu in 2014
  59. blingee gifs of hot dogs and shwarma
  60. 3d gifs
  61. Funny gifs
  62. Abstract gifs
  63. Gifs with emojis
  64. gifs of rappers with their lyrics in futura
  65. Liking twilight ironically
  66. Getting into timberlands as a girl in 2014
  67. Saying something like "avril lavigne is kinda cool"
  68. weed panties
  69. weed pants
  70. weed hats
  71. weed socks
  72. weed bathroom tiles
  73. gloves where each finger is like one of the weed leafs or whatever
  74. Drones to deliver weed
  75. Flying drones in a gallery
  76. Aerial drone photography of raves
  77. Aerial drone photography of death camps
  78. a foot stool that looks like a xanax bar
  79. a xanax bar necklace
  80. taking xanax before watching that chris angel show
  81. writing a poem about taking xanax while watching the chris angel show
  82. a been trill shirt that says 69
  83. A been trill shirt with ed snowden
  84. a been trill shirt that says "FOREVER OCEAN" with some emojis
  85. a been trill shirt that says PLUR with some emojis
  86. a photo essay about karaokee
  87. sad boys
  88. a shirt that says sad dads
  89. a shirt that says sad dads with a picture of steven hawking
  90. a shirt that says sad dads with a picture of steven hawking and pizza
  91. virgil posting black and white photo of a lizard with the fire emoji as the caption
  92. smashing iphones as art
  93. photos of cuts that were procured from iphones with cracked screens
  94. casting a rolex in plaster
  95. casting a rolls royce in plaster
  96. casting anything expensive in plaster
  97. casting anything expensive in plaster and then painting it red
  98. painting any vegetable red
  99. lawn chairs in a gallery
  100. google glass art
  101. using the word traverse and google image search in the same sentence
  102. putting your art on tinder
  103. getting the tinder logo tattooed
  104. becoming a fake street artist
  105. selling white Foamposits in a chic store in soho
  106. Making a line of denim products with tribal symbols called "death alert" and selling it at Attium
  107. a geolocation based app
  108. a crowd sourced music app
  109. an app for meditation thats also an art piece called "usb water 2.0"
  110. a zagats guide to bathrooms to do coke in
  111. a photo series of various stuffed animals doing coke
  112. a poem called "hacking the planet on coke"
  113. making a blog of people posing in front of lamborginis and bugatis sourced from instagram
  114. a pad thai restaurant in bushwick
  115. a store in the lower east side called bushwick
  116. a store in the lower east side called soho
  117. a store in soho called nowhere
  118. a store in soho called nowhere that sells pants hats and sunglasses
  119. a record label called “pharmacy”
  120. a tapestry out of du rags
  121. a tapestry out of pink wigs
  122. A video piece where u look at the camera and read other peoples dating profiles
  123. Wearing true religion pants backwards so people can see those horse shoe pockets
  124. Air jordan on the cross
  125. Ed hardy ikea furniture as art
  126. an e-cig with wifi
  127. an e-cig bong
  128. a e-cig themed party
  129. an e-cig helmet
  130. a pizza flavored e-cig
  131. an e-cig slash usb drive
  132. a pizza flavored e-cig bong helmet with wifi and lisa frank stickers
  133. turning old hard drives into ash trays
  134. a peace symbol made out of e pills but photoshopped because e pills dont even exist anymore because now everyone does molly
  135. an office plant show
  136. an office plant tumblr
  137. a 3d office plant gif tumblr
  138. a performance about self representation
  139. a performance about cultural tourism
  140. a performance about transformation
  141. a performance about gender roles in the context of home depot
  142. a giant painting of the home depot logo
  143. a piece called Untitled (history)
  144. a piece called Untitled (temple)
  145. naming anything untitled
  146. a dance called FOUR TWINS featuring two identical twins wearing those spandex zenti suits that cover their entire bodies
  147. spending an entire day liking things on facebook as performance art
  148. opening a meatball shop called BALLERS
  149. downloading jquery
  150. writing an essay for the new inquiry about the authenticity of riff raff
  151. naming a poetry event new agendas
  152. recording a series of skype conversations with artists living in berlin called “global simulacra”
  153. filling a gallery with bubbles
  154. filling a gallery with jello
  155. filling a gallery with babies
  156. filling a gallery with babies each wearing another country's flag
  157. eating cheetos for a two weeks straight as performance art
  158. a giant cutout of chester cheeto
  159. a giant cutout of chester cheeto smoking an e-cig
  160. an e-cig that looks like a giant cheeto
  161. an e-cig that looks like a giant cheeto that tastes like cheetos
  162. an e-cig that looks like a giant cheeto that tastes like cheetos but has weed in it
  163. a performance where dudes in hockey masks are operating drones
  164. large c prints of the leaked NSA documents
  165. an interpretive dance performed by bi-gender people in bushwick about the NSA
  166. a trap music EP called encryption
  167. bitcoin pattern on clothes
  168. a real-time graph of the price of bitcoins in a gallery
  169. a band named KEVLAR
  170. a duncan donut in a croc
  171. ranch dressing in a croc
  172. a croc with a prada label
  173. the starbux logo on a 4loko can
  174. the netscape logo on a donna karen shirt
  175. beats by dre in a bag of potting soil
  176. a painting of beats by dre on the mona lisa
  177. hood by air motocross themed catwalk
  178. pinkberry uniforms cut up and mixed with with military fatigue
  179. a social media analytics app called digital swag
  180. a story about a meth dealer for vice magazine
  181. large c-prints of stills from the matrix
  182. getting art made on mechanical turk
  183. a flipbook of internet loader gifs
  184. emoji wallpaper
  185. a bronze statue of julian assange
  186. an animated gif based dating service
  187. lulu for guys
  188. an all over print tshirt with different famous peoples signatures
  189. photographs of famous peoples hands
  190. a giant painting of rebecca black
  191. a small statue of rebecca black in a glass case
  192. a tie dye du rag in a glass case
  193. a bottle of axe cast in yellow resin in a glass case
  194. a terracotta plate with grumpy cat on it in a glass case
  195. a mean people suck sticker in a glass case
  196. a pop up shop that sells hand crafted jewelry in glass cases
  197. a glass case with nothing in it except a small piece of paper that says duchamp
  198. a new york times article about post drake society
  199. putting a new york times article about post drake society in a glass case
  200. a poem of two hundred obvious ideas read in 2014 in a lower east side gallery.